What the Tuck is Barre?

What the Tuck is Barre?

Did you like what I did there?!

As we’re all new here, I’ll use the phrase ‘tuck’ in class to ensure you’re tilting your pelvis under and engaging your core.

So what is Barre?

You’ve heard it mentioned, you might’ve seen a few examples, but what actually is this fitness workout?

Here is your one pit stop shop to getting you to a class.

Barre is a fitness workout that combines some Pilates moves with traditional ballet moves. Nope, you do not have to have any experience in ballet or Pilates. Also, no you do not need to get your leg on the barre… which I get asked all the time, weirdly??

It’s a low impact class and uses intricate movements to strengthen, shape and tone specific muscles. We pulse, squat, plie, stretch, tuck, maybe cry (just kidding…) and we LOVE it! You will see results within 4 weeks. The music is loud, the burn is real, yet the class goes so quickly, as obviously you’re having fun, and you’ll get that buzz of endorphins. I do different classes for Baby & Barre or Bump & Barre. Make sure you have your six week sign off from your GP.

Whether it’s for your body or your mind, Barre is the answer. It’s basically a workout party to the best tunes and then you’re rewarded with relaxation/ guided meditation.

My class formats are different, depending on which class you select to follow in the on-demand library. Generally speaking a class will consist of…

A warm up to a really good tune

Some Barre legs and arms exercises (you just follow me on the screen)

Mat work such as ab work, or some high intensity exercises


Relaxation or guided meditation (get your blankets and pillows ready!)

You’ll need to take it at your own pace, and you’ll be given adaptations more or less challenging so you select what works best for you.

Anyone can do Barre, you just need to DO IT.

Meet me at the Barre x

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